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At a European level, the academy will ensure common starting points and guidelines for providing debt advice in EU member states. The Academy will do this by providing a minimum standard and quality requirement in the debt advice all over EU.

Members can educate themselves through the available courses created by experienced European experts on financial education, budgeting, and other topics relevant to debt advisers training and development. The courses available on the Academy will be up to date reflecting the ever-changing landscape of debt, indebtedness, and financial inclusion.


speaker: Dr. Dieter Korczak, ECDN President, Lead Coordinator PEPPI

Causes, circumstances and triggering events.

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1. Over-Indebtedness

  1. Over-Indebtedness in your country:
    • ways of indebtedness,
    • causes, triggers, and effects of over-indebtedness for society individuals, and families,
    • target groups of debt advice (people who think they are in helpless situations, addicted people, former entrepreneurs, people with mental issues),
    • attitudes to consumption and behavioral patterns,
    • situation in over indebtedness in your country,
    • scientific research, public rapports.
  2. Debt Prevention and consumer protection.
  3. Sustainability and ecology.

Livelihood security

speaker: Beata Świecka

Financial education, Budget advice and budget planning and Income Maximization

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1. Financial education

  1. Financial education
    • type of credit mortgages, consumer credit, credit cards
    • risks and dangers of modern financial products
    • cyber security of financial services
    • assessment of the financial situation early warning signs
    • repayment of debts vs debt consolidation debt rollover
    • risk of loans in other currencies,
    • calculations of interests
  1. Budget advice and budget planning
    • type of credit mortgages,
    • help with weighting and prioritization,
    • tailor-made household budget
    • analysis of client shopping behaviors
    • analysis of client payment behavior (risk of unsecured payments, possible delays)
    • education about sharing economy (carpooling, the second use of clothes, fixing, reusing, among others),
    • online selling of unwanted things
    • financial planning
  1. Income Maximization
    • analysis client job situation
    • national welfare programs (state benefits)
    • career counseling system in your country, subsidies
    • elements of career coaching (tests, strengths, weaknesses, how to ask for a raise)